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We at Fantasy Parties (Singapore) aim to make your child's fantasies come true.
We take the stress out of organizing your child's special event so that you can relax and enjoy the party along with your child.
We'll free you up to entertain your friends. So kick back, grab a glass of chilled wine and enjoy your most hassle free party ever!
You'll wonder why you didn't hand over the reins sooner!

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A Bubbly Good Time For All
Bubble Show Hapenning @ 112 Katong Mall, from 4 - 13 Dec 2015
Make merry and watch Bubble-rina (CJ) and Dipsy conjure bubbles of various forms and shapes
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Cj's Giant Buble Kits are now avaialble for purchase
Cj has spent years perfecting her giant bubble juice.
Now it's avaialble to purchase so you can continue to enjoy our giant bubbles even after the show has finished
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Follow these 5 simple steps to book your most hassle free party ever.

Step 1 - choose a character
Step 2 - choose a party package
Step 3 - add on the decorations package
Step 4 - check Suppliers page for additional services
Step 5 - download booking form

Wonderful World of Bubbles Show
As seen on Channel 8's Singapore Children's Society Charity Show

Entertaining your kids so you don't have to!

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