About Us

Fantasy Parties was set-up in July 2001.

The original idea came out of a friends panic. Her daughter wanted a Cinderella party and of course as it was a kids birthday party, it had to be better than all her friends’ parties! The friend asked if we could put a few games together, organise a few craft activities, the decorations, and the party bags, and come dressed as the Fairy Godmother. Sure, we said, Why not! Little did we realise that this would turn into a thriving event planner in Singapore.


About the Founder:

Caroline Cornelius-Jones came to Singapore in September 1999 after spending 2 years in Jakarta.

She has a degree in Interior Design certificates in Fashion Design. She spent 2 years working at Tanglin Trust School as a Learning Support Assistant so Fantasy Parties offers the perfect opportunities for combining all her skills into what subsequently turned out to be her dream job. With her immense hard work and dedication, she is now a renowned party planner in Singapore.

Why Choose Fantasy Parties

We are the premier party planners in Singapore for the last 15 years. Being the best party planner in Singapore we offers a wide variety of kids birthday party with amazing kids birthday party venues.

We’ve seen Singapore change and grow, we’ve seen other event companies come and go, while we still remain strong.

Caroline has built up a team of staff who each specialise in their own areas, whether its party hosts, face painters, decorators or support staff; so you’ll received that specialists care at your event.

Choose us for our experience, commitment and creativity, so that you have a truly memorable event.

What our customers say about us


The Atria, May 2016

I wanted to let you know that the event/show was extremely well organized and the kids/guests had a truly wonderful time. The overall experience was great and the Star Wars theme worked out very well. Our sincere Thanks to You and Your team for making our son’s birthday such a memorable one.


Yong An Park, June 2016.

I just wanted to say a big thank you. Kids and parents loved the show. The Birthday kids loved it too. The video where you put dino hat on zachy, his expressions of surprise are priceless.


Spring Grove Condo, June 2016

The girls' party went very well, thanks to Princess Belle and your team. I thanked Belle, but please pass on our thanks to the rest of your team. We were very pleased that they were on time and Belle’s brilliant handling and corralling of 30 very excited children.


Aalto, Sept 2016

Thank you Caroline for the AMAZING bubble show!! Ishika loved it and the kids had a blast!!


Costa Rhu, Oct 2016

Our Hermaine host was a lot of fun for my 11 year old and her almost teen friends- they enjoyed Hagrid Stomp the most! An easy option to organise Harry Potter party considering the shortage of its merchandise in Singapore.

Meet the Entertainers


Ava is a BA(Hons) Musical Theatre graduate, originally from Sydney, Australia. Her professional theatre work began in singing, dancing, and acting in various children’s productions where she played roles like princesses and pirates!


Dafi is a BA(Hons) Musical Theatre graduate who aspires to become a prince one day. When he’s not busy entertaining kids or performing onstage, he likes to tap dance in his free time!


Eilidh was born in Scotland, but she’s visited 5 of the 7 world continents (only 2 to go!). When she’s not playing characters for kids at parties, she’s playing characters at school as part of her acting degree.


Lara is a BA(Hons) Theatre & Film graduate who identifies as a performer, babysitter, songwriter, traveller, and princess. She’s attended international schools in 7 countries and is always seeking new adventures!


Maddy is a part time princess and a full time theatre student. She can speak 4 languages and is terrible at Monopoly.


Rachel has a background in musical theatre and is a BA(Hons) Acting graduate. She knows almost every single princess song, loves receiving warm hugs, thinks bunnies are the greatest, wishes to be a mermaid, and can burp the alphabet.

Tahir is a BA(Hons) Musical Theatre graduate. He specialises in musical cheek tapping and is hoping to pioneer the first cheek-tapping ensemble.

Theon is Eurasian, all the way from Africa, and can speak English, Kiswahili, and French. He is a musician, a sound engineer, and has an amazing sense of humour that no one seems to appreciate.

Join Us


While providing the best birthday party activities in Singapore, we have grown so fast in the last few years and still expanding our talent base.

If you think you’ve got what is take to keep kids enthralled for 45 minutes or more, or eating out of the palm of your hand, then send us your CV and photo to party@kidsfantasyparties.com