Toddler Party Games

  • Fairy Ball Chase – help catch and sort all the fairy balls into their corresponding coloured baskets
  • Musical Colours – like Musical chairs, but with coloured foam circles. This is the continuous version – no one is out!
  • Flapping Butterflies – can you make your butterfly fly across the floor?
  • Dust Ball Derby – help sweep up balls into the corresponding coloured baskets.
  • Parachute Bounce – make the balls bounce in the parachute by flapping it.
  • Fishing for Pearls – using your fishing net, race to scoop up your pearls and bring back to your basket.
  • Ribbon Dance – like the rhythm gymnasts’ use.

Games for Energetic Boys

  • Quidditch – in teams use our special sweepers (hockey sticks) to shoot & score
  • Ironman Robot Claw Race – in teams, use the claw, crawl through the tunnel and pick up a ball.
  • Dog & Bone – 2 teams face each other. You can only run to pick up the ball if your number is called, or grab the bone to steal the ball from the other team.
  • Red Light Green Light – when the hosts back is turned creep up on him to steal his hammer. If he sees you, you have to freeze.
  • Pig King Knock Down – green pig balloons sit in baskets, you have 2 angry bird plushies to knock off 3 balloons before the other team player does.
  • Super Hero Tails – crepe paper tails are tied around each child’s waist. Children have to jump on each other’s to break them but protect their own at the same time. No hands!
  • Tunnel Racing – with a 4m long tunnel, race the hot wheels down. Best out of 3 goes, whose goes the furthest!
  • Burst Tire – each child has a balloon tied around one ankle the last one with an un-burst balloon is the winner!
  • Light Sabre Relay Race – armed with your light sabre (foam) hit your mini death star (round balloon) to the finishing line.
  • Planet Bomb Toss – teams stand in pairs holding a towel – toss the water bombs down the conveyor belt of your team to the bucket at the end. How many can you collect – whole?

Disco/Princess Party Games

  • Fashionista – Best Dressed competition.
  • Cat Walk – Strut your stuff on the cat walk. Best pose competition.
  • Dance Crazy – Learn a dance routine to perform at the end of the party.
  • Cheerleading Routine – Learn a cheer routine to spell out birthday girl’s name
  • Shrinking Islands – in pairs dance around you island, when the music stops fold it in half & balance on it. Each time it get smaller & smaller – No toes allowed on the floor!
  • Name in Lights – Use your bodies to form the letters of the birthday girl’s name.
  • Limbo Rock – how low can you go?
  • Olaf Dress Up – wrap your friends up as mini snowmen using toilet paper!
  • Macarena, YMCA & Ketchup Song – disco dancing routines.
  • Hula Hoop contest – how long can you hula hoop for?

Don’t see any games that appeal?  Contact us to customize our party games to your preference.