Fantasy Bubbles

Magical Bubble Show

30-45 minute kids birthday party show (air-con venues Only) 

This is an interactive show where Cj the ‘Bubble Girl’ uses audience members to help her perform tricks with soap bubbles.

For the finale she’ll place the birthday child inside a mega bubble. So have your cameras ready!
Definitely perfect for parties of all ages!

  • with Cj Bubble Girl
  • inc of Magic Bubble Tricks
  • plus 10 mins Cake cutting & Happy Birthday song with Cj the ‘Bubble Girl’

Tricks can include:-

    • Caterpillar, Bouncing Bubbles
    • Birthday Cake bubble & Flower bubble
    • Helium bubbles & Smoke filled bubbles
    • Square bubble, Spinning Spaceship
    • Giant bubble display
    • Hula Hoop bubble & Ribbon bubble Dance
    • Planet & Spinning Star bubbles
    • Guest of Honour inside a bubble

Add in;  Dry Ice Bubbles
Add on; Kid-In-Bubble (30 mins)
Add on; Bubble Play Time (30 mins)
Add on; Party Games (30 mins)
Add on; Bubbleology Workshop (30 mins)

Outdoors Bubble Show

30 minute stage show

Do you still want a Bubble Show, but your venue is outdoors / under a Tent / venue with fans? Well no problem!
Cj has a different repertoire of Bubble tricks that can be performed outdoors in a breezy environment.

Tricks can include:-

  • Sword & Poi Bubbles
  • Bubbles Wand
  • Bubble Blowing Competition
  • Foamy Animal Sculptures
  • Bubble Umbrella Dance
  • Bubble Party Hats
  • Bubble Disco Finale

Bubble Play (1hr)

  • Entertainer in costume
  • 15 mins of Mingling
  • 30 mins of Bubbling Fun
  • inc; 6 Bubble Stations, with 3 different types of wands for your kids to play with
  • 15 mins Cake cutting, Happy Birthday Song & Photo Taking

Please Note – this activity can only be conducted outdoors. Grass, concrete, rough tiling or rough surface are preferable. The more space you have the more room bubbles will have to fly!

Bubble Return Gifts

You can also add on bubble door gifts for your guests to bring home

  • Bubbleology Home Study Kits
  • Giant Bubble Kits
  • both come with personalized printed ‘Thank You’ cards