Fantasy Bubbles

Magical Bubble Show @ $550

30-45 minute kids birthday party show (air-con venues Only) 

A unique, interactive show where Cj the ‘Bubble Girl’ uses audience members
to help her perform tricks with soap bubbles. For the finale she’ll place the
guest of honour inside a mega bubble. So have your cameras ready!
Definitely perfect for parties of all ages!

  • with Cj Bubble Girl
  • inc of Magic Bubble Tricks
  • plus 10 mins Cake cutting & Happy Birthday song with Cj the ‘Bubble Girl’

Tricks can include:-

    • Caterpillar, Bouncing Bubbles
    • Birthday Cake bubble & Flower bubble
    • Helium bubbles & Smoke filled bubbles
    • Cube bubble, Spinning Spaceship
    • Giant bubble display
    • Hula Hoop bubble & Ribbon bubble Dance
    • Planet & Spinning Star bubbles
    • Guest of Honour inside a bubble

Add in; Dry Ice Bubbles @ $50

30 minute Add on’s @ $150 each

  • Party Games
  • Kid-In-Bubble photo op
  • Bubbleology Workshop
  • Bubble Play Time (outdoors)

Outdoors Bubble Show @ $500

30 minute stage show

Do you still want a Bubble Show, but your venue is outdoors / under a Tent / venue with fans? Well no problem!
Cj has a different repertoire of Bubble tricks that can be performed outdoors in a breezy environment.

Tricks can include:-

  • Sword & Poi Bubbles
  • Bubbles Wand
  • Bubble Blowing Competition
  • Foamy Animal Sculptures
  • Bubble Umbrella Dance
  • Bubble Party Hats
  • Bubble Disco Finale

Bubble Play (1hr) @ $350

  • Entertainer in costume
  • 15 mins of Mingling
  • 30 mins of Bubbling Fun
  • inc; 6 Bubble Stations, with 3 different types of wands for your kids to play with
  • 15 mins Cake cutting, Happy Birthday Song & Photo Taking

Please Note – this activity can only be conducted outdoors. Grass, concrete, rough tiling or rough surface are preferable. The more space you have the more room bubbles will have to fly!