Fantasy Shows

Mad Labs Science Show

45 minute stage show

This is an interactive show using common everyday household items in fun and exciting science experiments,
showing kids that they can re-create the same excitements at home.

Experiments can include:-

  • Water Tornado
  • Eggtastic Routine
  • Lava Lamps
  • Disappearing Water Trick
  • Exploding Film Canisters
  • Witches Cauldron
  • Boo Bubbles
  • Bubble Volcanoes
  • Slime Making

Princess/Super Hero's/Fairies Show

60 minute show party

To perform a 15-20 minutes ‘Princess/Super Hero/Fairies (etc.) Show’ and interactive skit;
to host cake cutting ceremony and organize party games with the kids.
Sound system provided.

  • with 2 performers
  • Games Session
  • cake-cutting

We can tailor it to your theme and costume preferences!
Contact us for more details.

See our recent shows below:


Skit Synopsis

Welcome to Genie Boot Camp! Shimmer and Shine will be your guides to learn genie-rific ways and show you how to grant your every wish. As they try to grant a simple singing wish, Shine ends up with a squeaky curse instead! With help from the audience, Shimmer and Shine will conduct magical treasure hunts and belly dancing games, and more! A Dance Magic Finale performed by the genies-in-training will be lead by Shimmer and Shine, so have your cameras ready!


Skit Synopsis

In the sunny summer-y Island of Singapore, Anna is finding the weather unbearable. She asks Elsa to build a snowman with her. But when Elsa tries to bring the cold, she realises that her ice powers aren’t working! Join Anna and Elsa as they try to restore Elsa’s powers, with help from the audience. There will be an exciting treasure hunt to rebuild Olaf, games, and sing-alongs to your favourite Frozen theme songs.


Skit Synopsis

The special birthday is here our mission is clear, gonna save the day and we’re on our way.
Join Chase, Marshal or Skye as they save the birthday party from ruin.  Help them resurrect the party decorations and help track down the missing birthday present. A long the way learn the Pup, Pup Boogie dance, take the Pup Pledge and become Paw Patrol’s newest recruits.
Paws in the air say yay!

Magical Bubble Show

20-40 minute stage show (air-con venues Only) 

This is an interactive show where Cj the ‘Bubble Girl’ uses audience members
to help her perform tricks with soap bubbles. For the finale she’ll place the
guest of honour inside a mega bubble. So have your cameras ready!
Definitely perfect for parties of all ages!

  • with Cj Bubble Girl
  • inc of Magic Bubble Tricks
  • plus 10 mins Cake cutting & Happy Birthday song with Cj the ‘Bubble Girl’

Tricks can include:-

    • Caterpillar, Bouncing Bubbles
    • Birthday Cake bubble & Flower bubble
    • Helium bubbles & Smoke filled bubbles
    • Square bubble, Spinning Spaceship
    • Giant bubble display
    • Hula Hoop bubble & Ribbon bubble Dance
    • Planet & Spinning Star bubbles
    • Guest of Honour inside a bubble

Add in;  Dry Ice Bubbles,
Add on; Kid-In-Bubble (30 mins)
Add on; Bubble Play Time (30 mins)
Add on; Party Games (30 mins)
Add on; Bubbleology Workshop (30 mins)

Outdoors Bubble Show

30 minute stage show

Do you still want a Bubble Show, but your venue is outdoors / under  a Tent / venue with fans? Well no problem!
Cj has a different repertoire of Bubble tricks that can be performed outdoors in a breezy environment.

Tricks can include:-

  • Sword & Poi Bubbles
  • Bubbles Wands
  • Bubble Blowing Competition
  • Foamy Animal Sculptures
  • Bubble Umbrella Dance
    • Bubble Party Hats
    • Bubble Disco Finale